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Cross of St. James on the Buchensteinwand The summit of the Buchensteinwand is located within the village limits of St. Jakob in Haus. Running through Pillersee valley is the famous St. James’ Way, which brings numerous pilgrims through the region. The cross is a place of peace, where people gather for positive causes and events. Excursion attractions with fantastic views and a unique place of spiritual power. Pilgrimage destination and venue for religious and reflective events. A place for innovative seminars, discussion about the future, workshops, other special events – exhibitions and talks inside the cross; befitting events of all kinds surrounding the cross. Rotating exhibitions and programs will always invigorate the cross with new content. - 4 seminar rooms offering over 30 m² – also available to rent - All rooms are heatable - 5 viewing platforms looking out in all directions - Rooms and viewing platforms can be rented out individually - Private events are possible - SPACES FOR - Art shows - Exhibitions - Product presentations - Readings - Programs for reflection - Talks

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  • Jakobskreuz

    Für Seminare oder ähnliches ganz schon und ansprechen.

  • Jakobskreuz

    Super Schönes begehbares Kreuz mit einer atemberaubenden Aussicht!

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