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St. Johann in Tirol
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Kirchdorf in Tirol is a municipality in the Kitzbühel district in the Austrian state of Tyrol located 12.20 km north of Kitzbühel as well as 3 km north of Sankt Johann in Tirol at the Kitzbühler Ache. The area is the second-largest in size in the district. The village has got its name from an old church which was built in the 8th century. Main source of income is agriculture and tourism. Kirchdorf lies in the Leukental valley, near St. Johann in Tirol. The parish consists of several hamlets and scattered settlements. A large part of the Wilder Kaiser mountain ridge also falls within the parish boundary. Kirchdorf is the second largest parish in Kitzbühel district by area.

Austria St. Johann in Tirol

4 Dorfplatz

Kirchdorf in Tirol
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