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Brixen im Thale

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Brixen im Thale is a municipality situated at the highest point of the Brixental valley in the Austrian state of Tyrol. Every year on the Feast of Corpus Christi, the village celebrates the traditional Antlassritt. Brixen im Thale lies in Kitzbühel District about 10 km west of the district town of Kitzbühel at the head of the Brixental at 794 m above sea level, nestling amongst the grass-covered mountains of the Kitzbühel Alps. The highest mountain in the municipality is the Fleiding at 1,892 metres above the Adriatic. North of the village rises the mountain ridge of the Hohe Salve. South of the village are the Nachtsöllberg and the Gaisberg, separated by the valley of the Brixenbach. The slopes north of the municipality (known as Sonnberg or Sonseitn - sunny side) are mainly used for farming and only sparsely covered in conifers. The slopes south of the village (referred to as Schattseitn - shadow side) are covered by spruce forest, apart from a few alpine meadows.

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Brixen im Thale
Austria Brixental

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Brixen im Thale
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